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Privacy Notice and Authorization to handle personal data in the Integrated Citizen Processes System – SITAC – in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

In order to comply with its obligations under law and contract, and to provide services as intended, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and its Revolving Fund need to obtain certain information about you. This information includes your identity document, surname(s) and given name(s), demographic information, information on birth and residence; contact data and academic formation; it also includes biometric information (fingerprints, photo and signature) captured virtually or in person at the Ministry´s offices to continue with the service, process or product you want. The data are also needed to reply to inquiries, complaints, claims, suggestions, denunciations or congratulations. They are also used to locate you or your family and friends in the event of a natural disaster or emergency; this allows us to promote civic participation and the Ministry´s rendering of accounts on its performance or to request you to evaluate your perceptions of the processes and services that the Ministry and its Revolving Fund provide.
You authorize the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and its Revolving Fund to handle the information you provide here, specifically for it to be used for purposes proper to their mission. These purposes are materialized in the performance of activities to provide their services, processes or products such as consular records, apostilles and legalizations, passport and visa issues, nationality, judicial cooperation, certifications, the authorization of public deeds, notarial acts, Colombia Nos Une and processes not provided for an exclusive to diplomatic personnel.
Please note that your information may not be suppressed or revoked if you have a legal or contractual duty to keep it on the database.
You, as holder of Personal Data, may exercise your rights under Law 1581/2012 and its Regulatory Decrees, by writing to: Carrera 5 No 9 – 03 Bogotá, Colombia, under the heading Protection of Personal Data, Ministry of Foreign Affairs; or you can email: contactenos@cancilleria.gov.co
Your personal data can be emailed and/or transferred within the country or elsewhere. For further details about our Information Handling Policy and any important changes in it, please visit: Personal Data Processing Policy

De conformidad con lo previsto en la Ley para la Política Integral Migratoria (Ley 2136 de 2021), el Registro Único de Retorno constituye una herramienta de información para la caracterización de los nacionales que voluntariamente desean volver al país, a efectos de facilitar el acceso a los trámites y servicios del Ministerio y sus oficinas consulares, y, principalmente, de promover y fortalecer el ejercicio de sus derechos, entre ellos, el acceso a la protección y asistencia consular en los términos establecidos en la Constitución Política y la legislación colombiana, cualquiera sea su condición migratoria, y siempre con respeto y observancia a la legislación interna del país receptor
I consent to the transfer of my personal data in the terms indicated in this privacy notice.
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